Anthony James Fiebiger

Anthony Fiebiger was arrested on May 23, 1998, on drunk and disorderly charges. At the time of his arrest, he was living in a Goodwill treatment center and receiving alcohol abuse treatment.

Once in custody, he was questioned by police about the February 28, 1989, disappearance of his former girlfriend, Norma C. Parker, who was twenty years his senior. Fiebiger and Parker had lived together in Carnegie at the time and he had long been a suspect in her disappearance.

Pittsburgh Press, March 19, 1989

Putting up little resistance, Fiebiger confessed to police that he had strangled Parker, put her body in a 55 gallon drum, and buried it in Mingo Park, Washington County. Her body was discovered there by police on May 27, 1998.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, May 24, 1998

He also confessed to the May 22, 1982 rape and murder of Marcia L. Jones, a teenager from Mt. Washington.

Pittsburgh Press, May 24, 1982

In that case, Fiebiger, who lived in Mt. Washington at the time, said he acted with accomplice Joseph Morton. They set out to find a woman to rape, enticing Jones to join them by offering her marijuana. They then raped and strangled her and left her body in a shallow grave in Grandview Park, where it was discovered that same day.


At trial for killing Jones, Fiebiger, a diagnosed sociopath, was found guilty of first-degree murder on March 1, 1999. The jury deliberated ten minutes before convicting him. He was sentenced to death later the same day. Rejecting the advice of counsel, Fiebiger then pleaded guilty to killing Parker without first obtaining a plea deal. He was sentenced to death in that case on June 30, 1999.

In 2001, Fiebiger ceased all appeals and sought to be executed. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court reviewed his cases despite Fiebiger’s wishes, upholding both convictions and death sentences (Commonwealth v. Fiebiger, 570 Pa. 583, 2002).

Anthony Fiebiger died on death row on April 4, 2022.

Anthony Fiebiger, 2015

Joseph Morton is serving a life sentence for his role in the Jones murder.

Fiebiger was also implicated in a 1986 rape on Mt. Washington but was never arrested. He was arrested in 1991 for counterfeiting $20 bills in his work as a printer, for which pleaded guilty and served a 2 1/2 year federal sentence.

Author: Bill Lofquist

I am a sociologist and death penalty scholar at the State University of New York at Geneseo. I am also a Pittsburgh native. My present research focuses on the history of the death penalty in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Pa. This website is dedicated to collecting, analyzing, and sharing information about all Allegheny County cases in which a death sentence was imposed. Please share any questions or comments, errors or omissions, or other matters of interest related to these cases or to the broader history of the death penalty in Allegheny County.

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  1. If a person wants to die just because it’s Hell for them on death row you gotta ask yourself is he Lying. With people like Fiebiger,if I knew it was the Truth that he’s being tortured (living in hell) like he says then I’d keep paying Taxes for his sorry ass but why wait ,Death Row is death row & quicker the better ,for Nothing can bring Peace to victims and why is it we Don’t have the Hanging or Electric chair,maybe just maybe if we have a more Serious consequences the Rape & Death might go down,just a thought!!!Seems black men are the first to go on death row or a foreigner rather then white man!!


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